New flexible system

Gone are the restrictions of textbooks: all courses are tailor-made to the students' needs. Gone are the usual timetabling limitations: students attend as often as they want - from 1 hour 30 minutes to 6 hours per week - and never repeat a thing. This allows students to do an intensive course whenever they wish or ease off during those busy periods.

The courses are aimed at anyone who wants to improve their English and be able to use it in any situation, be it studying, travelling or working.

Progress at your own pace

From September to June we offer courses at all levels - from beginner to proficiency - for people 8 years of age and above. The courses are designed to meet each individivual student's requirements so that students learn the different skills of the language in a constant and progressive way, but at their own pace. Students are not held back; nor are they pushed too hard.

Moving up a level

Students do one termly exam testing all the skills, content and concepts practised in class as if they were doing an official exam. This also gives students the opportunity to move up a level whenever they are ready. There's no need to wait if there's no need to wait!

Class time

Class time is dedicated exclusively to classes. Gone are the endless tests during lessons. Classrooms are equipped with technology and learning tools to assist student progress, and always using tailor-made materials. You will find no more than 10 students in a classroom at any one time.