Your Way offers Cambridge examination preparation courses from A2 (KEY) to C2 (PROFICIENCY) levels. In these classes the students work thoroughly on the necessary structures, techniques and materials to enable them to sit the exam with highest possible chance of success. Apart from the material used in class, supplementary material is available for the students who need extra practice. There are also extra speaking exam classes at no additional cost.

The school informs the students of the exam dates during the academic year, as well as advising them as to the most appropriate moment to do the exam and registering those students who eventually decide to sit one of the Cambridge examinations.

Exam hall

Upcoming sessions in Vic


A2 KEY (KET) (€99):

8 October (deadline 6 September);

10 December (deadline 4 November).



8 October (deadline 6 September);

10 December (deadline 4 November).


B2 FIRST (FCE) (€197):

8 October (deadline 6 September);

18 November - computer based (deadline 3 November);

10 December (deadline 7 November).


C1 ADVANCED (CAE) (€210):

22 October (deadline 20 September);

26 November - computer based (10 November);

10 December (7 November).



1 December (deadline 31 October).